Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentines Day!

It's almost that special time of year! Well, one of those specials times of year anyhow - the time to celebrate the one that you love!  I have had several timid inquires about Boudoir Sessions, and I thought a blog post was in order to clear up some of the questions, and of course to unveil the Valentine's Day Special!

Let's start out with boudoir.  Boudoir Sessions have gotten a bad rap.  They are thought of in almost the same category as pornography in some circles, which is an insult to a type of art that has been around for a very long time!!  We're going to go over the basis of a typical Boudoir Session to get you on the right track. ;) 

Boudoir is most often done for one's significant other.  The photos are tasteful and classy. Some of the best boudoir images I have ever seen have had no nudity in them.  It is about capturing the beauty of the women no matter what she is wearing.  Many women choose to wear clothing that is special to the man in their life, or just favorite outfits of any type that make them feel gorgeous.  Theses sessions can be done anywhere, even outdoors, but are normally done in the client's home where they are the most comfortable.  The atmosphere surprisingly relaxed and comfortable, and they most often turn out to be a lot of fun.

While boudoir is the most popular Valentine's Session booked, there are also many other options!  It's a great time to do a couple's session that is totally unique to who you are, or to get photos done of your children - along with some wallets instead of the mass Valentine Cards you buy in the store.  And if your single on Valentines Day? No problem! I love best friend sessions!! It's a great time to document this fun, unattached time in your life!  If you want some updated photo's of your significant other, then a session would be a GREAT gift. You can book a session at the reduced V-Day rate and give it as a gift - via a pretty Valentine themed Gift Certificate of course!

And now that we have all of THAT covered......let's see the special!!